School Organizer
  • The Organizer is a very important contact between the parents and the school. Kindly use it whenever you wish to communicate with the teacher on any matter.
  • Similarly check the School Organizer everyday for any communication from the teacher.
  • List of holidays and other important information is given in the Organizer. You are requested to read the printed pages of the organizer carefully.
  • Holidays should be observed as mentioned in the Organizer. Any change in the holidays will be communicated to you.
  • The format for leave application should be followed as per the sample given on the last pages of the Organizer.
  • The dates for the Assessments are mentioned in the Organizer. They may be subject to change as per the need of the hour, the information for which will be sent to the Parents a week prior.
  • Parent/Teacher Interaction pages should be used as communication.
  • Read, understand the fee details page and fill it as per the given format.