Allen Self Development Academy

With a clear vision to develop the best social and humanitarian values in an individual and to impart good quality education, Superhouse Group has established the Allen Self Development Academy. The academy functions at our group schools catering to various needs of students.
Personality development for students of schools and colleges
– The academy intends to develop the overall personality of students focusing on the skills used for learning using various methods like – white board activities, off board activities, competitions, games, etc. Faculty development for schools and colleges – Understanding the importance of providing services based on each student’s needs.

Faculties will be trained on the latest teaching methods with frequent trainings twice a year focusing on the relationship between teachers and students. Counselling sessions for students, teachers and parents – We have tie-ups with counsellors who act as catalyst in the growth of the organization on a whole. It is important to keep a check on the roles played by students, teachers and also parents. Counselling is very important to resolve personal issues that hamper learning.
Activities – Organizing “Talk Sessions” in every three months on current rising issues like – relationship between student-teacher-parents, respecting individual differences, polishing decision making skills, gender roles, etc. Active participation in Seminars and Conferences as and when required.