Allen Animation School

Animation is a new dimension of Art, which uses technology that develops ideas for creation of Moving Visuals. Today Digital Animation and VFX is used in Web, Television, Films, Advertising, medicine, training and education, e-learning, legal and insurance, 3D visualization, architecture, etc. Another interesting area in this industry is the creation and design of games for PC, Internet, mobile & gaming consoles (Play station / Xbox, etc). Superhouse Group, in its endeavour to provide holistic education to its students, has established the Allen Animation School – an in-house Animation Academy. The Animation School, besides developing the right values and attitudes in the student, will also develop their sensorial skills and aesthetic sensitivity necessary for creative field. The school boasts of dedicated team for content development which has created age appropriate curriculum keeping in mind the profile of students. In Addition to this we have a dedicated team for training the faculty on the curriculum implementation an written development in the field of Animation. The core idea behind starting Allen Animation School is to Develop Creative Skills in Students in order to provide them a better career prospect.