• The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). English is the medium of instruction.

At Primary Level

  • Integrated and interlinked curriculum, framed on the guidelines of NCERT.
  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school.
  • Activity to ensure holistic learning.
  • Worksheets to enhance learning skills.
  • Assessment is flexible and integrated with the classroom life.

Middle and Secondary Level-Exposure to Different Aspects of Life

  • NCERT prescribed curriculum is followed.
  • Foreign languages are introduced at this level.
  • Platform is being provided for development of child’s individual capabilities, to bring out the best in her/him.
  • The teacher as a co-learner follows a pragmatic methodology that kindles the desire and quest for knowledge.

Teaching Methodology

Our teaching methodology is based on the undisputed premise that children enjoy learning through play, hands on activities and interaction with others. The experience of the classroom and school must be a happy one. Hence all efforts are made to make learning a joyous experience. Classrooms are equipped with educational toys, apparatus and teaching aids to take away the burden of study and enhance the child’s ‘joy quotient’. The school conforms to techno- savvy learning and makes an earnest endeavour to transform children into inquisitive, well informed scholars with an analytical mind. Computer aided teaching for different subjects and The Smart Class has made learning a joyful experience for the students.

Teaching Staff

The teachers of Allenhouse Public School Kanpur broaden the learning experience. The highly qualified and trained staff not only implements the curriculum but also generates enthusiasm for learning and a questioning critical disposition. Teachers are totally involved in the lives of the childrens’ academic and co-curricular activities. Be it on the sports field or the sphere of publications or debates, teachers take an active interest and share a healthy rapport with the students. Bringing joy into learning is the motive of our School teachers.

The School spells “Excellence” a dream that we strive to achieve every moment at our school. Higher, Stronger, Brighter these three magical words define our work and shape our goals. To achieve this excellence, we have qualified teachers, who aim at training the children to develop independent problem solving skills. The team of well-experienced and extremely qualified staff is recruited professionally to attract the best talent with the required skills.