Purnima Dass
Ms. Purnima Dass

“To speak a language is to take on a world, a culture."

Our aim to organize this International Literary Fest is to awaken concern in the younger generation regarding important global issues related to environment, so that they may save this precious earth and breathe fresh air in future. Language is no longer a barrier but a medium of connection. English being one of the most popular languages in the world, enriches this medium of connection and communication.

Competitions have been sculpted with utmost care and thought not only to speak about the understanding of the participants but also to establish a connection with the interest of the participant. Students, through their participation in Érudit 2020 will be acquainted with not only the beauty of English Language and Literature but will also adorn the atmosphere at Allenhouse Public School ,Khalasi Line with graceful verbosity. We have great hopes and believe that your participation in various competitions of this exhilarating event will lead to its grand success.

I henceforth extend a warm invitation to all the schools, teachers and students and wish them all the luck and promise them a wonderful, soul replenishing experience at Érudit 2020.

Best Wishes
Ms. Purnima Dass
Vice Principal

Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi Line, Kanpur