A test of knowledge, especially as a competition between individuals or teams as a form of entertainment.

Event Code: E02
No. of Participants: 02
Group: B
Time for 1st Round: 1 Hour
Time for 2st Round: 1 Hour 30 Mins
Time for Final Round: 2 Hours


  • The event will take place in three rounds.
  • Any one participant can take part in Round-1 and Round-2, while for the Final Round both the participants will have to compete.
  • Round 1 and 2 will be written.
  • Top 6 teams will qualify from the written round into the Final Round which will be held on the stage.
  • All questions will be related to the Works of Nature Poets.
  • Marking scheme shall be disclosed on the spot. BOTH the participants will have to participate in the Final Round.

“You can if you think you can.”