Hacer La Mimica

Mime is all about physical movements and exaggerating your expressions. Participants must use their actions to send a message or tell a story. They are not allowed to speak directly to the audience.

Event Details:

No. of Participants: Minimum-06 and Maximum-08
Group: C
Time: 3 minutes per act


  • A maximum of 8 participants from each school can take part.
  • The school will be given the topic beforehand.
  • The participants have to dress in black, white, red and green.
  • The participants are allowed to use props.
  • The participants have to enact the scene in complete silence. Prompting/murmuring/lip movement will lead to deduction of marks.
  • Soft background music to set the atmosphere is allowed. Participants will bring their own music in pen drive.

Judgement Criteria:

Acting skills

Expressions without dialogues

Props and costumes

“Ideas are great arrows, but there has to be a bow, ideas without action are worthless.”