Ventes Wiz

Event Details:

It is the advertisement making competition. They are the best measure to judge the nature of the society and keep us updated with the changing trends.

Advertisements are powerful means of communication and aid in solving social issues.

No. of Participants: Minimum-04 and Maximum-06
Group: C
Time: 2 minutes


  • A maximum of 6 and minimum of 4 participants can take part in this event.
  • Participants will be given 2 minutes to present their advertisement to propagate ‘Conservation of Nature’.
  • The team has to bring their own props and nothing will be provided by the host school.
  • The team can wear appropriate costumes to suit their advertisement, which should be original.

Judgement criteria :

  • Acting Skills
  • Innovation
  • Propagation Skills
“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience”