Un Act De Jeu (Theatrics)

Event Details:

The art of staging plays and other stage performances.

Event Code: E09
No. of Participants: Minimum-06 and Maximum-08
Group: C
Time: 8-10 minutes


  • The team will be represented by 6-8 participants.
  • LED screen will be provided on stage for presenting any video as a backdrop for the performance.
  • The participants must enact a skit based on ‘NATURE’. Select a nature work (poem or prose) written by either Indian or foreign writer. You can change the story line but not the theme. Let the title be the same.
  • Each character and title of the play should be introduced by the narrator at the beginning.
  • The time limit for the presentation will be 8-10 minutes including the setting of the stage.
  • Schools will bring their own props, pen drives(carrying their backdrop and sound tracks), costumes and any other equipment needed.

Judgement criteria :

  • Presentation
  • Staging and Time Limit
  • Creativity
  • Pronunciation and Projection

“We have freedom of speech, but you got to watch what you say.”