Ms. Nausheen Shadab

"Creativity is the key to success in the future, and school is where teachers can bring creativity in Children at every level."

The aim of education is not only to impart some factual knowledge to the students but to ensure their overall and balanced development. Participation and involvement in activities is essential to shape the personality of students especially in their growing years. Allenhouse Public School is hosting Érudit 2020 with an aim to promote GLOBAL PEACE AND HARMONY by bringing students across the globe under one roof and constructively involving them in a literary festival dotted with a plethora of interesting activities. Most of these activities are performed in the form of teams and groups which need a leader, so leadership qualities are also created in the students. Limiting students only to books will limit their thinking horizons and ultimately deprive them of different skills and advantages which they have the potential for and at the same time the right to learn.

It is certainly the most commendable effort of Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi Line, Kanpur for which the Érudit team deserves wide acclaim. I am sure that their effort to mould and sculpt young minds will undoubtedly enrich their souls and ignite the spark of life long learning in them. I wish success to all the participants.

Best wishes
Ms. Nausheen Shadab

Allenhouse Public School, Khalasi Line, Kanpur