• Chairman's Message
    Mr. Mukhtarul Amin

    Our school’s success is a result of a committed group of staff members and active and supportive parents. The teachers and staff at the school have dedicated themselves to providing a nurturing, yet challenging learning environment for all children.

    As the Chairman of Superhouse Group, I encourage parents and family members to become actively...

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  • Director's Message
    Nausheen Shadab

    Happiness keeps you sweet. Trials keep you strong. Sorrow keeps you human. Failure keeps you humble. Success keeps you glowing. But only God keeps you going.

    Despite all upheavals, life is a blessing and every moment a celebration, so let us enjoy each moment, each new experience even if it is seemingly unimportant. It is a stepping stone to achieve your ultimate dream...

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  • Headmistress Message
    Ruchi Seth

    Education is the only weapon which enables us to conquer the world. But it only happens when right ingredients are used in the right proportion.

    Education is not all about paper and ink, it is a broader term indeed. This is what we all at Allenhouse believe in. Hence we seek a challenging and supportive learning environment that capitalizes on the curiosity...

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About Us
School Building of Allenhouse Public School

Allenhouse Public School Khalasi Line, Kanpur is an integral part of the colossal network of highly reputed educational institutions...

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